The Fish Statues of Eilat

In a joint project of the Municipality of Eilat and the Eilat Tourist Association, 30 cement fish statues were brought to Eilat. Local artists were given the voluntary job of designing and painting them. As of the end of September 2003, 26 of the fish are located in the park opposite the Mall, overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba, and are a colourful attraction for both children and adults alike. The fish stand 1.60 meters high and gleam in the Eilat sunshine.

Artist: Maya Dubois

Artist: Evelyn Amir

Artist: Maya Dubois

"Hamsa Side 1"
Maya Dubois

"Hamsa Side 2"
Evelyn Amir

"Sweet Predator"
Maya Dubois

Artist: Jacky Opinsky

Artist: Evelyn Amir

Artist: Amir Elcayam

Jacky Opinsky

"My Flower"
Evelyn Amir

"Court Fish"
Amir Elcayam

Artist: Catarina Chassidim

Artists: Catarina Chassidim & Jacky Opinsky

Artist: Shirley Chai

Catarina Chassidim

Catarina Chassidim
& Jacky Opinsky

"Custom Made for You"
Shirley Chai

Artist: Iris Nussbaumer

Artist: Einat Shteckler

Artist: Beula Green

"Happy Fish"
Iris Nussbaumer

"Mosaic Stone Fish"
Einat Shteckler

"Bare Bones"
Beula Green

Artist: Libby Agassi

Artist: Ety Ben David

Artist: Libby Agassi

Libby Agassi

Ety Ben David

Libby Agassi

Artist: Dali Pelai

Artist: Rachel Arnon Dahan

Artist: Adir Biton

"Peace Fish"
Dali Pelai

"Persephone - Goddess of Spring"
Rachel Arnon Dahan
Adir Biton

Artists: Maya Sapir, Fanny Elias, Ronit Doji & Tal Goldman

Artist: Eva Zelinger

Artist: Michal Katz

"Cow Fish"
Maya Sapir, Fanny Elias,
Ronit Doji & Tal Goldman

"The Story of Creation"
Eva Zelinger

"Silver Yarkizon"
Michal Katz

Artist: Tamar Shacham Bar

Artist: Pinchas Peretz

Artist: Beula Green

"Eilat Hora"
Tamar Schacham Bar

"Du Dag"
Pinchas Peretz

"Black Sid"
Beula Green

Artist: Barbara Pfeffer

Artist: Galit Amiel

Artist: Tal Ben-Nun

Barbara Pfeffer

Galit Amiel

Tal Ben-Nun

The Fish Statues of Eilat

Yolanda Antal       Katharina Chassidim       Aviva Dekel       Mario Doretti       Maya Dubois       Asher Gal

  Aliza Haym       Ilmar       Kesam Katz       Keren Lagziel       Niva Lev       Sara Meir 

  Ilana Ofer       Yehudit Schmidt       Sarah Shpiller       Hanna Watts       Zeevic


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