Kesam Katz

Born to a mother who was a full time artist and a father who was a writer and photographer, Kesam has always been involved in art. She started as a painter and sculptor and moved on to be a textile artist, designing and painting fabrics and making canvas work wall hangings, using many different fibers and needlework techniques. Kesam came to Eilat two years ago, drawn by her love of the desert to which all her present work is related. She paints in water colours, acrylics and does desert photography. She walks a lot in the desert and collects interesting objects which she incorporates into mixed media pictures.

Kesam also makes and sells greeting cards with prints of her paintings. Her work, including e-cards, can be seen at and at She is also presently in the process of setting up her own web site at

For further info, please contact Jacky at
or at Tel. +972-8-6376976, or at mobile phone +972-52-3446018


Watercolour  Cm. 24 X 30.5

Watercolour  Cm. 30.5 X 40

Watercolour  Cm. 24 X 30.5



Paradise Sunset


The Passion Tree


Watercolour  Cm. 16.5 X 23

Watercolour  Cm. 20 X 25.5

Watercolour  Cm. 24 X 29

Pink Flowers


Weeping Willow


Desert Sky


Watercolour  Cm. 24 X 29

Mixed Media (Acrylic on Canvas + Metal Overlay)  Cm. 61 X 50.5

Available as Print or Card

Lavender Hills




Magic Carpet


The Fish Statues of Eilat

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