Sarah Shpiller

Sarah Shpiller was born in Tel-Aviv in 1939 and completed her schooling at the Geula High School. She married Mike in 1957 and together they raised a family of three daughters and three grandchildren.

In 1964 the family moved to Eilat. For nine years Sarah worked as a teacher at the elementary school and then in 1975 she started a florist business.

From 1990 until 1992 Sarah studied painting at the Eilat Art Workshop under the tutelage of Amir Elkayam. In 1992 she continued her studies at the Eilat College with Yaacov Mishori and from 1993 until 1995 she studied drawing and painting with Yehudit Levine, Avinoam Kosovsky and Yaacov Mishori at the Avni College of Art in Tel-Aviv. 

Sarah belongs to the Israel Painters and Sculptors Association and pictures of hers are on permanent show at the Eilat Airport and in Eilat Hotels. She paints in acrylics on canvas.

Sarah has participated in numerous exhibitions: 

Group Exhibitions: 1991-Phillip Murray Hall, Eilat; 1992-Phillip Murray Hall, Eilat; 1992-Kampen, The Netherlands; 1996-Beer-Sheva. 

One Woman Exhibitions: 1995-"Big Gallery", Or Yehuda.; 1998-Airport, Eilat; 1999-Na'amat, Eilat; 2000-Moriah Hotel, Tel-Aviv.

For further info, please contact Jacky at
or at Tel. +972-8-6376976, or at mobile phone +972-52-3446018


Acrylic on Canvas  Cm. 100 X 100

Acrylic on Canvas  Cm. 90 X 80

Acrylic on Canvas  Cm. 100 X 100

Pink Flowers


Brown Flowers


White Flowers


Acrylic on Canvas  Cm. 90 X 70

Acrylic on Canvas - Miniature

Acrylic on Canvas  Cm. 100 X 100

Green Vase


Blue Spray


  Field of Flowers


The Fish Statues of Eilat

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