Yehudit Schmidt

Yehudit Schmidt was born in Romania and came to Israel at the age of 9. In 1976 she came to Eilat where she worked for 18 years, as medical secretary, at the hospital. Some time ago she took a break and opened a boutique but later went back to the hospital where she presently manages the dental clinic. 

Yehudit started painting in 1988 under the tutelage of Amir Elacayam and later studied also with Vita Erez and Yaacov Mishori. She presently studies in a Master Class, with other artists who belong to the Artists and Sculptors Association, Israel, led by Amir Elcayam. She also belongs to the Association of Miniatures.

Yehudit has participated in several group exhibitions: Kamen, Germany; Beit Chagall, Haifa; Eilat Port; Eilat Theater; Royal Gardens Hotel, Eilat.

Yehudit has also held a one woman exhibition at Na'amat, Eilat.

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Oil on Card  Cm. 50 X 70

Oil on Card  Cm. 110 X 150

Oil on Card  Cm. 50 X 70

Abstract 4


Abstract 1


Abstract 5


Oil on Card  Cm. 50 X 70

Oil on Card  Cm. 50 X 70

Oil on Card  Cm. 50 X 70

View 1


Abstract 3


View 2


Watercolour on Card  Cm. 70 X 50

Acrylic on Canvas  Cm. 100 X 100

Mixed Media on Card  Cm. 70 X 50



Abstract 2




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