Zeevic was born in 1957, in Jaffa, where he grew up and finished high school. After serving in the army, he left Israel for 12 years and travelled, mainly in the third world, volunteering wherever there was a need. He worked extensively with people with leprosy, teaching them creative art. He worked also with people with AIDS. In 1992, he returned to Israel, where he continued to work with people with AIDS.

In January 2001 he moved to Eilat, drawn by his love of the desert. He now works with children with special needs. In his spare time he makes papier mâché sculptures.

All his life, Zeevic has been  involved in different forms of art, including painting, carving and making jewellery.

For further info, please contact Jacky at opinsky@zahav.net.il
or at Tel. +972-8-6376976, or at mobile phone +972-52-3446018


Papier Mache  Cm. 140 X 47

Papier Mache  Cm. 105 X 55

Papier Mache  Cm. 132 X 22

Tree of Life


The Whore of Babylon




Papier Mache  Cm. 102 X 78

Papier Mache  Cm. 150 X 110

Papier Mache  Cm. 116 X 100

Lady Chicken & her Blind Pet


The Dancer


An Aged Indian Goddess


Papier Mache  Cm. 95 X 44

Papier Mache  Cm. 109 X 44

Papier Mache  Cm. 150 X 40

Dragon Dance




Fisherman's Wife


                    The Fish Statues of Eilat                     

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