Mario Doretti

Mario Doretti was born in Rome, Italy, in 1929. He took degrees in Architecture and Art History and worked as an architect for about 20 years. In 1971, he married an Israeli artist, Ilana Ofer, and made his start as a painter. He came with his wife to live in Eilat in 1974 and since then he has devoted himself almost entirely to painting. Mario works in various techniques (tempera, etching, silk-screen) but his favourite one is oil. In his pictures one can see the influence of the Italian figurative school. Since1990 Mario and Ilana have been painting joint pictures under the name Ilmar.

Mario has held exhibitions in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and America, as well as all over Israel.

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Oil on Canvas  Cm. 100 x 80

Oil on Canvas  Cm. 40 X 30

Oil on Canvas  Cm. 100 x 80

Lady with Cat


Music Lesson


The Young Architect


Oil on Canvas  Cm. 50 X 40

Oil on Canvas  Cm. 61 X 80

Oil on Canvas  Cm. 80 X 61

Lady with Violets


Lady with Cat and Flowers




Oil on Canvas  Cm. 120 X 100

Oil on Canvas  Cm. 70 X 90

Oil on Canvas  Cm. 50 X 40







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