Asher Gal

Asher has lived in Eilat since 1986. He divides his life between the sea and desert as a diving instructor and sculptor. His work is inspired by Eilat's beautiful desert landscape and the Red Sea's magnificent underwater world teeming with corals and fish. Most of his sculptures are  carved out of the unique and colorful Nubian sand-stone, which is found in the desert around Eilat.

Asher has shown his work in several exhibitions in Eilat, and some of his sculptures can be found in private collections in Tel-Aviv, Berlin, Montreal, Amman and New York.

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Nubian Sandstone  Cm. 75 X 50 X 40

Nubian Sandstone  Cm. 50 X 20 X 50

Nubian Sandstone  Cm. 60 X 40 X 40

Jay Leno






Hevron Marble  Cm. 70 X 40 X 30

Nubian Sandstone  Cm. 60 X 30 X 80

Carrara Marble  Cm. 40 X 30 X 30







Nubian Sandstone  Cm. 80 X 40 X 40

Nubian Sandstone  Cm. 80 X 70 X 40

Nubian Sandstone  Cm. 60 X 50 X 25







The Fish Statues of Eilat

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