Katharina Chassidim

Katharina Chassidim was born in 1947 in Switzerland. She grew up in Italy until the age of 5 and then in Switzerland until the age of 22. In 1970 she came to Eilat and in 1971 she married Yaacov and together they raised a family of 5 children.

In addition to being a music teacher, Katharina builds musical instruments and teaches how to build them. Among others, she has built sitars, rain sticks, Chinese drums, Pan's pipes, drums and rababs. She studied art under the tutelage of Amir Elcayam and belongs to the Artists and Sculptors Association, Israel. She also sculpts in many different materials.

For further info, please contact Jacky at opinsky@zahav.net.il
or at Tel. +972-8-6376976, or at mobile phone +972-52-3446018


Mixed Technique on Card  Cm. 70 X 50

Oil on Canvas  Cm. 30 X 50

Charcoal and Chalk on Card Cm. 70 X 50

Vases In The Sky






Acrylic on Card  Cm. 50 X 70 Acrylic on Card  Cm. 70 X 50 Oil on Canvas 30 X 50
The Yellow House




Three Bridges


Charcoal and Chalk on Card  Cm. 50 X 30

Clay on Wooden Base  Cm. 30 X 25

Styro Model  Cm. 40 X 25



African Rift


Styro  Model


The Fish Statues of Eilat

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