Yolanda Antal

Yolanda sculpts in bronze and paints with oil on canvas. She combines her love of sculpting and painting by using an innovative technique of hand painting on bronze sculptures. Yolanda is greatly influenced by her surroundings: the desert, rocks and sea. The contrast between the browns of the desert and the bright colours of the sea, tropical fish and corals found in Eilat, is often seen in her work. Latterly she has devoted most of her time to sculpting. Many of her sculptures feature women stereotypes taken from stories in the bible, from mythology and legends, depicted as modern and contemporary figures, approached with a realistic and classical touch.

Between the years of 1970 to 1973 Yolanda studied art at the Academia delle Belle Arti in Bologna, Italy. While studying in Italy, she participated in group exhibitions. Upon her return to Israel she took part in a group exhibition held at the Hebrew University. She won first prize and a scholarship to the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, where she studied art and theater from 1973 until 1976.

From 1980 until 1985, Yolanda taught art in Eilat and became a member of the Israeli Association of Painters and Sculptors.

In 2006, Yolanda became a member of the Israel Art Source, a society of Fine Art Artists and Galleries.

Yolanda has successfully taken part in many exhibitions worldwide and her works are on permanent display in the Hilton Hotel, Staten Island, New York, in the Sheraton Hotel, Eilat, and in private collections.

Art Expo, Las Vegas, 2007
Art Expo, New York, 2007
Designers Walk, Toronto, 2007
Art Expo, Toronto, 2007
Art Expo, New York, 2006
Dekel Gallery, Eilat
Fresco Gallery, Tel-Aviv
Arbel gallery, Tel-Aviv
Hasimta Gallery, Jaffa
Alternative Gallery, Jaffa

To see more of Yolanda's work, please go to: http://www.yola-art.com

For further info, please contact Jacky at opinsky@zahav.net.il
or at Tel. +972-8-6376976, or at mobile phone +972-52-3446018


Bronze  Cm. 37 X 35 X 30

Bronze  Cm. 29 X 30 X 20

Bronze  Cm. 66 X 51 X 38





Bronze  Cm. 43 X 32 X 23



Il Vagabondo

The Model

Bronze  Cm. 112 X 80 X 50


Bronze  Cm. 74 X 60 X 48





Oil on Canvas  Cm. 80 X 60 Oil on Canvas Oil on Canvas  Cm. 130 X 120
Lot's Daughters


Blessed with Children


Oil on Canvas Oil on Canvas  Cm. 100 X 90 Oil on Canvas  Cm. 145 X 100
Rock Horse

Woman in Black

Mother Earth


The Fish Statues of Eilat

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